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Increase in Kids' Vouchers!

Increase in Kids' Vouchers!

Great news for our Young People! We are doubling the 24-Month stage interview 'thank you' vouchers which we give out at the end of your final interview with your Fieldworker! From now on, you will automatically receive the increased amount at the time of questionnaire completion. Don't worry if you have already done your interview - we will be sending out an extra voucher to all our previous 24-month interviewees over the next few weeks. If you have changed your address, you will need to let us know, though - please contact us by email or phone with your name, area and new address.

If you were unable to take part in your 24-Month interview when we asked you, or we were not able to contact you two years after your first interview, then it is not too late to take part and receive your vouchers! Please let us know by phone or email that you would still like to take part.

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