Project Cymru

Outcome evaluation / Outcome measures

Outcome evaluation / Outcome measures

Outcome Evaluation

The study will involve each family member completing a questionnaire (via a computer aided personal interview) before they attend the programme, and then again two years later. Parents/carers will also be telephoned after 9 and 15 months to ask them to participate in a computer aided telephone interview which will explore issues relating to family life and the kinds of support services their family uses. Children will also be asked to provide a sample of saliva at the end of the study to test how much tobacco smoke they have inhaled over the past few days.

Outcome Measures


Number of times in the last month young people have:

  • Drunk alcohol
  • Been drunk

Secondary outcomes will be reported use of cannabis (ever vs. never), weekly smoking (yes vs no, validated by saliva cotinine), and GCSE performance (number of GCSEs passed at Grade C or above).

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